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Success CE, Inc. provides this information as a courtesy to individuals who are subject to California Insurance Continuing Education requirements. Our comprehensive guide provides essential insights for individuals fulfilling California Insurance CE obligations. To ensure compliance with potential regulatory changes, we recommend contacting your state’s insurance department. While we make diligent efforts to provide accurate and current information; Success CE, Inc. nor it’s employees warrant or represent that this information presented is accurate and current. All details are subject to change without notice. Stay informed and meet California’s continuing education requirements by exploring the essentials of Insurance CE.

California Department of Insurance Contact Information

License Bureau

320 Capitol Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814-4309
Contact/Phone: (800) 967-9331
State Website:

For a listing of the State Departments of Insurance websites provided by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), please go to:

License Status

California Insurance CE Hours Required

  • Life-only agents, accident and health agents, property broker-agents, casualty broker-agents, or personal lines broker-agents:
  • 24 CE hours (including 3 hours of ethics) required every license renewal compliance period. (Biannually)
    • Effective March 1st, 2023, California has a new 1 hour Insurance Fraud requirement for all agents. This can be included in the 3 hours of ethics that is required.
    • Licensees who hold one or more of the above named license types, the 24-hours of CE may be completed in courses applicable for any of the license types held.
  • Additional training requirements are required for the sale of Long-Term Care Insurance or Annuities or for Homeowners’ Insurance Valuation.
  • ** Important: Individuals who receive their independent or public insurance adjuster license during the second year of the fixed two-year term will be required to complete only 12 hours of CE. Once the license is renewed, those individuals will then be required to complete the required 24 hours of CE for their next renewals. **

California State-Specific Insurance CE Certifications

  • Initial Annuity 8-hour: All California agents who sell annuities must complete an 8-hour state-approved Annuity Training course prior to selling annuities.
  • Follow-up Annuity 4-Hour: Following the one-time 8-hour Initial Annuity training course, agents continuing to sell annuities must complete a 4-hour state-approved Annuity Continuing Education course each subsequent compliance period, or every 24-months.
  • Long-Term Care: As of 01/01/2008, before selling, soliciting, or negotiating LTC insurance in California, producers must complete an initial 8-hour LTC training course.
    • California Insurance Code Section 10234.93 (a)(4)(A) and (B) states, in part, that licensees shall complete the initial training requirement prior to being authorized to solicit individual consumers for the sale of long-term care insurance. Each new licensee must complete eight hours of training in each of the first four 12-month periods. For licensees who have had their license issued, they must complete eight hours of training prior to each license renewal biannually after the first four years.
  • California Partnership Long-Term Care: Individuals who sell California Partnership for Long-Term Care products must obtain eights hours of specific partnership LTC and eight hours of California-approved LTC credits before soliciting. Thereafter, eight hours in each type of LTC Continuing Education courses must be completed biennially.
    • However, a new licensee must complete eight hours of California-approved LTC annually for the first four years of licensure, and eight hours in partnership LTC biennially. These courses apply toward the completion of the basic Continuing Education requirement.
  • Flood (NFIP) Certification: All California licensed resident insurance producers who sell federal flood insurance policies shall be required to complete a one time 3 hour requirement on flood insurance.
  • Homeowners Insurance Valuation: Every California resident property broker-agent, casualty broker-agent or personal lines broker-agent who has not completed a Homeowners’ Insurance Valuation training course must satisfactorily complete one three-hour training course on homeowners’ insurance valuation meeting the requirements of this section prior to estimating the replacement value of structures in connection with, or explaining the various levels of coverage under, a homeowners’ insurance policy.
    • Resident broker-agents, this requirement shall be part of, and not in addition to, the CE requirements of CA Insurance Code section 1749.3. The Homeowners’ Insurance Valuation training course needs to be taken only once in order to satisfy the requirements.

California Insurance CE Final Exam Regulations

  • CE may be completed by online, independent self-study, or classroom style courses.
  • All CA CE Final exams are required to be taken as a closed book.
  • No monitor required to proctor the final exam.
  • To pass the final exam, the score must be 70% or higher.
  • Unlimited retakes can be utilized to reach the passing score.

Reporting to Your State/Regulatory Authority

  • $0.65 per credit hour is required by Sircon to report your credits.
  • State Insurance completions are reported 2 times every business day. If course is completed after 2 PM PT, it will be reported the following business day.
  • As an added service, we can Rapidly Report all of your completed courses the same business day (per credit order) for only $25.
  • CFP reports are sent on Friday at 2 PM PT to the CFP Board, electronically.
    • You may also self-report your CFP completions to

California Insurance CE Carry-Over Hours & CE Course Repetition

  • CE credits hours may be carried over to the next renewal period.
    • Thirty (30) hours if dually licensed.
  • Excess CE credit hours may only be carried over once.
    • Ethics, Annuity or LTC course are carried over as a general credit only.
  • Courses may not be taken more than once in each biennial renewal period.

Method to Certify Completion

  • The certificate of completion will be available to print or download online immediately after you have passed the final exam.
  • The DOI or regulatory authority can take up to 30 days to process your new completion results on their systems.

California Non-Resident Requirements

  • Home state has CE requirements:
    • Existing licenses will be renewed and new licenses can be issued if the home state’s requirements are met. In addition, the specific LTC and Annuity requirements must also be met if the licensee solicits individuals for the sale of LTC insurance or Annuity products.
  • Initial LTC Requirement: Before selling, soliciting or negotiating LTC insurance products in California, non-resident agents must complete a California specific 8-hour NAIC LTC course.
  • On-going LTC Requirement: An 8-hour General LTC training follow-up course is required every year for the first 4 years licensed and 8-hours 2-years thereafter; training is required for each compliance period.

California Insurance Producer Exemptions

  • Agents who are 70 years or older and have held a California insurance license in good standing for 30 years or more. These agents must still meet the long-term care and CA Partnership long-term care requirement if they choose to solicit long-term care products.
  • Life agents claiming funeral exemption (selling less than $15,000 of insurance).
  • Cargo Shipper’s Agents.

The Success Family of CE Companies provides this information as a courtesy to individuals who are subject to insurance continuing education requirements. Due to regulatory requirements we suggest that you contact your state department of insurance to insure that no regulatory changes have been enacted. Although ongoing efforts have been made to qualify that the information provided here is accurate and current, neither The Success Family of CE Companies nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. All information is subject to change without notice.

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