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  • Quality courses in an easy-to-complete format
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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Here’s what our customers say about us:

“I want you to know I completed my Insurance Continuing Education and CFP requirements with just one of your courses, instead of the three I had to take with my old CE Company. Your company is great. Thank you!” — Michael L. – Sarasota, FL

“On-line exams that are easy to complete is what I like about your firm. The knowledge I gained has helped my business grow. The low-cost saved me at least $25 over other firms. I will recommend your firm to everyone I know.” — David G. – West Plains, N.Y.

“Success Continuing Education has allowed me to save time and money by allowing me to take my CE tests online. I never have to wait in traffic again!”— Andrew J. – Naperville, IL

“I’ve had problems with other insurance continuing education companies but not with your firm. The customer service from James was great. Thank you for making my life easier.” — Mary Jane A. – Dallas, TX

A message from J. William (Bill) Cooley, President and Founder of the Success Family of CE Companies regarding your insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC and CPA continuing education:

Thank you for considering The Success Family of Continuing Education Companies for your Insurance Continuing Education requirements.

Here is “Why” you should choose Success:

All of the founders of the The Success Family have Insurance, Securities, Registered Investment Adviser, and even Real Estate Broker Licenses. We, like you, have to complete our CE.

This is important to you because we understand your desire to complete your insurance continuing education quickly while gaining knowledge to grow your business.

And, we understand that you do not want to overpay for your Continuing Education hours.

Our commitment to you is that you will not find a better company to help you complete your insurance continuing education license renewal requirements.

You will save time and money with Success CE! Should you need assistance of any kind, Our customer service teams are the best in the business!

If you have questions about your insurance continuing education, call them today and discover the Success difference. Thank you for choosing Success.

You will be pleased with your choice!

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“Heather (our customer service representative), thank you for your help. Although I had ordered from another company, I cancelled the order after talking with you. I’m glad I did. Success CE saved me time and money.” — Bob J. – Springfield, MO

“My Broker/Dealer recommended you, and since I had bad service with another group, I tried Success Continuing Education. I learned about Insurance and Market Conduct and received all the hours needed to renew my license. Thank you.” — Russell F. – Denver, CO

“I wanted you to know that Success Continuing Education has made CE easy for me. I ordered a textbook and your book arrived the next day. When I called back for information, you had already graded and reported my hours. Thank you for the great service.” — Linda W. – Laguna Niguel, CA

“Great service, low prices, and quality courses! You have a customer for life.” — Susan M. – Paoli, PA

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With family, friends, clients, or pursuing a hobby?

If you were able to complete both your Insurance Continuing Education and CFP Continuing Education hours with the same (one) course as Insurance Continuing Education, how valuable would that be to you, your family, your clients, your friends?

Your time and money are valuable. Don’t waste time and money with the wrong CE company.

The founders of Success CE have Insurance and Securities Licenses and understand that time is money for you when completing your Insurance Continuing Education, your CFP Continuing Education, and your CLU/ChFC Continuing Education.

Try Success CE today. You will be pleased with the results.

How to be successful with Insurance, CFP, and CLU/ChFC Continuing Education

If you review the over 350 courses approved for Insurance Continuing Education, CFP Continuing Education, and CLU/ChFC Continuing Education, Here is what you will discover:

  1. Many of our courses for Insurance, CFP, and CLU/ChFC Continuing Education are approved for as much as 30 hours in your state. Why take 3 to 4 courses to obtain your Insurance Continuing Education hours when One course from Success CE may be all you need?
  2. Our exclusive search feature in non-monitored states allows you to quickly and efficiently learn the material in order to pass the exam the first time in less time.
  3. High Quality and Guaranteed low pricing on Insurance, CFP, and CLU/ChFC Continuing Education.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

How important is Award Winning Customer Service to you?

Many new clients of The Success Family of CE Companies applaud our customer service teams.
How does great customer service affect you with your Insurance, CFP, and CLU/ChFC Continuing Education requirements?

  1. When you need assistance, does your current Insurance CE company answer the phone and, answer your questions about easily completing your Insurance Continuing Education?
  2. Does your current Insurance or CFP Continuing Education company return your calls the same day?
  3. Does your current Insurance, CFP, or CLU/ChFC Continuing Education Company solve your CE problems?

If the answer to any of the above questions is No, maybe, or anything other than yes, it is time for you to experience The Success Family of CE Companies with unsurpassed customer service.

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