NAFA is very grateful for the expertise and support you have given us over the past years. NAFA’s core mission is to foster awareness and understanding of fixed annuities through insurance continuing education and training. We could not have grown as we have without the guidance and partnership Success CE has provided. Your service-oriented staff and your commitment to provide NAFA with the best tools that help our association market and coordinate insurance continuing education for our members is second to none. NAFA is very grateful to you and your employees at Success CE.

We look forward to our continued partnership and a long and prosperous relationship.
Sincerely, Kim O’Brien

I am so glad that we made the change to Success CE. Your website is easier to use, and has much better pricing! We also love your customer service. Thanks for being a great Insurance CE company! — Ray J. – FL – Sr. VP & Nat’l Ins. Producer

I wanted to acknowledge Carol Ann for her fantastic service. I’ve had several family emergencies in June and July including the death of my mother. Finishing my Insurance CE for my life license was the farthest thing from my mind. When I had to address this issue or lose my license, your company came into my life just at the right moment. Carol Ann walked me through the program with compassion. She even walked my exam monitor notification to Thavery and made sure everything was taken care of. I called my insurance division this morning and I can renew my license. I was in customer service for 18 years and I know what a valuable person Carol Ann is to have on your staff. People like her few and far between. I’m also giving a shout out to Thavery for being so prompt this morning. — Jennifer F.

Just to share w/ you my pleasant experience with Success CE. You can’t go wrong going with them on your Insurance CE needs that they offer, it’s not just economical, they’re very fast to help you resolve your challenge or issues if any! Last night and today, I got the opportunity to work with James Burch via email and my need was met on a very timely fashion. He responded to my email inquiries quickly this morning. After almost 3 weeks of wild reading, I got my Insurance Continuing Education on L H D done for this year! Yeah :)! I ordered extra topic for info only, thereby going way beyond my state required credit hours. If you want to do the same on topics of interest to you, you can do that for the same price, it will just sit in your account for a year for your study. Dedicate some extra time to learn more about our craft. Remember widening our value gap w/ the people we serve helps us to be more effective in helping them. Proud of You Team 🙂 Bless you! — Ellie M. (former Chemist) RegiRegional Vice President

I returned to CA on Saturday after 2 weeks away, tenant damage, a nightmare to the tune of $13k … I had to renew my license and certify by 8-31/09 or lapse. I had severe computer problems on Mac and my PC early this A.M. I spoke to support and tech. Carol Ann Brochway was calm and helpful and then came the surgeon John Adams who handled this with ease, we had to do the last exam by e-mail. HE WAS THE REAL PRO, COOL, CALM, and handled this problem with ease. The bottom line is that I did not lapse and have all 3 certificates thanks to your support team efforts / A praise and hopefully a raise ($) for both of them. — My regards, Stephen B.

I just wanted to thank you for making our Insurance Continuing Education so easy and convenient. I have been using your company for the past two renewals. — God Bless, Gloria K.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the quick response and ease of my concern in my dealing with Johnny Adams. Last night I finished my first Insurance CE course and discovered that I had used the name that I usually use (David Montoya) in my account information. I needed the name updated to [name] to match my insurance license information. I called and talked with Johnny who quickly made the change that I needed. I appreciate his quick response and wanted you to know that. — Thank you, Lawrence M. P.S. Please pass this information on to his manager(s)

I just wanted to let you know how great the Insurance CE was. It is educational and the test is not that hard. When you work long hours as I do, simple and easy works for me! — Martha F.

Aloha… the system was easy to navigate. I will definitely recommend your Insurance CE services to our colleagues. — Thanks, Grace G.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate how easy that was. Enjoyed the Insurance CE courses I took, and the ease of the process. — Kathy K. RegiRegional Private Banker

Good morning Mr. Burch!
We spoke briefly on the phone yesterday about a log on issue, but all was resolved. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this process was in getting the Insurance CE class, paying for it, starting and completing it. It was simple and smooth. I actually did learn several things from the reading materials and I will definitely apply my new found knowledge.
Thank you for your time Mr. Burch! — Lauren C. Office Manager

I have taken the Florida Insurance CE Continuing Education for Updates course 220 and senior suitability. Passed both and in process of taking the life/health CE continuing education and the mitigation hurricane … I will recommend this online insurance continuing education course to all I know. It is both educational and user friendly — even computer dummies like me can handle. — Thanks, Frank D. 47 years in this business…..METLIFE

Holly, Thank you for all your help and follow-up. You and (one of the Success Family of CE companies) were a pleasure to do business with. — Thanks again. Bill H.

Your courses were very well written, easy to navigate, and easy to understand. The exams were straightforward and easy to complete, while still being a bit challenging. I appreciated being able to read the text, then return and do the online exam. — Thanks, Theresa M.

James, I cannot thank you enough for your persistence in helping us locate the Certification of Completion for Michael D. I was almost to the “throw up your hands” stage when I talked to you. Needless to say, your continuing education tracking and verification assures that Success CE will be my choice for any future Insurance CE requirements- Don’t be scared- I PROMISE to keep up with certificates that are sent to me! — With sincerest thanks, Renee H. – United Bank

Lora, This is the company I used for my Long Term Care CE continuing education course. If any FA’s are looking for a recommendation, I had a good experience with Affordable CE (one of the Success Family of CE companies). — Ronald K., Vice President-Investments

We recommend Success CE (online insurance continuing education) to all our agents to complete Insurance CE and have for two years now. — Alan D. – NJ

The only Insurance CE company we use for the ease, convenience and professionalism. — Chris M. – CA

We recommend Success CE to all our reps for insurance continuing education. — Allen & Rachel V. – CA

I just completed my insurance CE with Success CE. We recommend it for everyone for the price and convenience. — Steve F. – CA

Can’t imagine using anyone else for my Insurance CE. — Dave H., CA

We are very satisfied with Success CE. We use it to complete our Insurance Continuing Education all the time. — Hagop B. – CA

Success CE was great. I needed Insurance CE hours for another state and got it all for the same low price. — Mark S. – NC

Our whole office uses Success CE for our insurance continuing education. — Karen K. – NC

Great company! — Randy C. – CA

Other companies are very difficult, take a long time and are labor intensive. With Success CE it’s so simple to complete your Insurance CE, a no-brainer. Went through another company, got half-way through, bailed out, got a refund and went BACK to Success CE. — Mark M., RVP – OH

Other company was not user-friendly. Success CE makes it much easier to navigate through my insurance CE test questions. At first we were hesitant to switch, but so glad we did. — Calvin and Patricia F. – CA

We always use Success CE, and I always recommend your insurance CE company to all our reps. — John and Mercy M. – CA

I personally used Success CE last time, and their insurance continuing education was great. — Doug H., RVP – MI

Everyone in our office uses Success CE for our online insurance continuing education. — Joseph Y. – CA

My NSD was bragging about how easily they got their insurance continuing education done when I walked in their office one day, so I asked who they used. They said, Success CE. So I said, That’s who I’ll use. And the Insurance CE was great. — Isaac W. – CA

The best game in town! Awesome! You make insurance continuing education super easy, super inexpensive. You’re the one stop shop for Insurance CE. I’m impressed by the way your system works. –Carmen D. – CA

Loved it. — Earl M., RVP – CA

You’re the only company we talk about. It’s so simple. We’re based in three states and it makes it so much easier to refer the reps to go to Success CE. You just follow the bouncing ball. It also makes our annual compliance much easier. — Dwayne and Merrie C., NSD – CA, TN, GA

All of our team uses Success CE for insurance CE for license renewal. — Ronnie D. – CA

I don’t know why I sat in a classroom instructor led continuing education course so many years. We steer everyone to Success CE — convenient and the Insurance CE price is right! — Stan N. – NJ

Success CE is way easier to use than other companies. Our home office has done our due diligence for us. We’ve gone through other companies over the past 20 years, so we know what can go wrong. With Success CE we know the insurance CE courses are approved and their continuing education tracking and verification method guarantees credits will be reported to the states. We always recommend Success CE. — Mark K. – NJ

I highly recommend that all my guys go through Success CE for their insurance continuing education. — Anthony H., RVP – NJ

I had been using another company for insurance CE, but just recently used Success CE and will now promote it to everyone for insurance continuing education. — Michael G., SVP – NJ

Success CE is the only company I use for my insurance CE. — Ben Z. – NJ

It’s great. Being on our company web site, it has streamlined the Insurance CE process and has cut the cost. — Julie S. – CA

Thx! You’re awesome! The process has been great! Excellent! Glad you were recommended to me! I will recommend your insurance CE courses to all the Agents I know! — Karla S. – ND

I called support and they quickly found that I had misspelled my email address. The tech, I forgot to get his name at 7:15 pm CST corrected it for me. Thank you for your most competent staff. It is refreshing for an insurance continuing education company to have a good support staff, I have found that it is not as common as it once was. — Again thank you, Richard S. – TX

Thank you for your quick response I am an Executive managing around 900 agents and I think we will be doing a lot more business in Insurance CE with you it has been a pleasure. — Randy D. – WV

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great your insurance CE website is…Affordable, fast and efficient not to mention the great insurance continuing education. I am referring others from my office, Robert Gorman will be subscribing soon. — Thanks, Jerry G. – FL

James, You guys are so much better than my previous Insurance CE Company, as you confirmed my class right away after I ordered and your website is easier to use. Plus, you got back to me next day. Thanks for your great business follow up. I am recommending your insurance CE to our home office! — Kevin B. – CA