As a premier CE provider, we offer over 350 nationwide-approved courses in Insurance (Life & Health and Property & Casualty), Claims Adjusters, CFP, CLU/ChFC, CIMA, CPA, and MCLE as well as pre-licensing in Insurance and Securities training. Our extensive course catalog includes all state-specific required CE courses such as Ethics, Statutes, Laws and Regulations, Annuity and Suitability Training, Long-Term Care, Flood Programs and much more!

Over 300 companies utilize our Corporate Programs for their agents’ CE requirements, saving time and money!

As we approach a new era of financial products and services, it is absolutely critical for your agents, wholesalers, company, and executives to stand out from the competition. At the Success Family of CE Companies, we offer a wide range of value-added producer and compliance solutions for you and your company.

  • Discounts for Volume Purchases for Your Licensed Producers
  • Private-Labeled and Co-Branded Websites for Your Company and Licensed Agents
  • Annuity Product Specific Training and Verification Tracking
  • Custom-Branded CE Cards and CE Vouchers
  • Tracking of Online CE Completions with the Success Management System for Corporate Programs
  • Live CE (Instructor-Led) for Executives, Wholesaling Teams, and Your Company Personnel
  • Administration and Tracking of Live CE with Success Live Track
  • Proprietary Course Creation
  • US-Based Customer Service with Success CE Employees

Our programs are uniquely designed to help agents meet all state CE requirements as well as gain new knowledge of industry information and requirements.

Our corporate programs are fully customizable to your company’s needs. Please feel free to contact us at (949) 706-7800 or email us are for more information regarding our CE programs.

Corporate Discounts

Success CE offers reduced pricing with the following:

  • Volume Purchases
  • Package Pricing for All the CE Courses/Hours Needed to Renew
  • Annual Subscriptions
  • Invoices for Your Company

Success CE pricing includes the following at no additional charge:

  • Online Courses and Exams
  • US-Based Customer Service
  • Printable Certificates in All 50 States
  • Instant Grading
  • Unlimited Retakes if Necessary
  • Individual/Corporate Account Page with Courses Completed
  • Order History
  • Next Day Reporting*

*Available in most states.

Private-Labeled and Co-Branded Affiliate CE Websites

Offer all of our courses for insurance continuing education through your own customized education center.

  • Customize your insurance education center to match your company’s look and feel
  • Direct producers to your website to complete their required state Insurance CE, CFP, or CLU/ChFC requirements
  • Use your affiliate website to track agents’ CE completion and compliance
  • Increase agent retention and sales with discounts in pre-licensing and CE
  • Build your business brand and gain more producers
  • Revenue sharing also available or you can pass the savings along to your producers

As part of our efforts to grow our business, we began using the co-branded affiliate site from success CE in order that all of our licensees could access the CE from our Home Page to save time and money renewing their license. Agent retention and sales are higher since implementation. This is a great idea to keep our producers coming to our website!”
Russel T., Senior V.P., National Life and Auto Company

Custom Branded CE Cards and CE Vouchers

Brand your business and increase attendance at meetings, presentations and conferences by offering free* continuing education.

  • Offer a value-added service every adviser wants and needs
  • Increase attendance, sales, and the quality of face time with your wholesalers
  • Be recognized as providing knowledge to your producers, IMOs, or B/D clients
  • Brand your business with custom CE Cards/Vouchers with your company name, logo, and color scheme
  • All CE Cards/Vouchers include:
    – One free* online CE course (worth up to 31 insurance CE hours, depending on state)
    – Course grading and certification
    – Reporting CE credits to state DOI
  • As low as $3 per CE Voucher with volume purchases

For inquiries or orders, please contact us at (949) 706-9453.

“The Success CE Insurance Continuing Education Vouchers doubled my advisor and agent attendance at a conference presentation. We’ll be ordering more!”
Alan S., Wholesaler

*Some states require state fees

Tracking of Online CE Completions with the Success Management System (SMS) for Corporate Programs

Track both an individual’s courses as well as groups of individuals’ courses, completion dates, courses taken, and renewal dates through a customized website branded for your company.

  • Corporate clients can have access to the complete suite of Success Management System (SMS) features and benefits at no charge
  • You can have a customized website developed and built incorporating the SMS features:
    – Alarm Technology alert licensees when their CE requirements are coming up and help them stay in compliance
    – Course Knowledge Track track by separate course completions such as state-specific required CE (Ethics, Annuity and Suitability Training, Long-Term Care, Flood, Claims Adjuster courses, etc.)
    – Total Completion Track track to insure all reps have met their renewal requirements
    – Branch Territory Knowledge Track track by geography
    – Plus all of the customized features needed for complete administration of your Insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC, and CIMA Licensees.

“The Success Management System is technologically superior to any administration and tracking product I have seen. It is much easier to use. SMS allows my staff to keep our licensees in compliance.”
Theresa K., V.P. Licensing

Live CE (Instructor-Led) for Executives, Wholesaling Teams, and Your Company Personnel

Double your attendance with Live CE. Keep the same closing ratio and double your sales!

  • Live Track allows easy scheduling, approvals, attendee data, and more
  • Over 30 pre-approved Live CE presentations for your executives and wholesaling teams
  • Complete administration of your new or current CE program
  • Course and Instructor approvals quickly obtained for you and your wholesaler team
  • Custom course creation specific to your product(s) available
  • Be recognized as an industry expert by presenting Live CE
  • Gain the trust and respect of your top producers with quality face time

“As a wholesaler, I wanted you to know that I am grateful to our executives for making the change to Success Live CE. Here is the email that I sent out today to the home office: Online scheduling of Live CE meetings is so much easier with our new firm, Success Live CE, and their online system for managing my presentations if far superior to what we were using. Thanks for giving us in the field a better product.”
Jason F., Annuity Wholesaler, New York

Administration and Tracking of Live CE with Success Live Track

CE administration becomes easy with Success Live Track and our latest Web 2.0 technology.

  • Our Success Live Track includes the following turnkey benefits:
    – A customized website for your company complete with all of our latest Web 2.0 technology to save you time and money on administration
    – Customizable reports of previous Live CE presentations, scheduled classes, and instructor, course, and provider approvals
    – View and download all PowerPoints and class handouts
    – Schedule classes online 24/7/365
  • Achieve a higher renewal rate and less lapses for all of your licensees
  • Easy and intuitive to use

“Success Live CE and their Live Track is the best administration tool in the industry. At the touch of the keyboard, we are able to view our wholesalers’ CE classes, or check a roster for our producers, or perform any function we desire. We have used other company’s products and quite frankly, they don’t compare to the robust abilities of Success Live CE and their Live Track program.”
Robert R., Executive V.P. of Sales, National Product Distribution Company

Proprietary Course Creation

Highlight your specific products, features, and benefits with custom course creation (CCC) as an excellent way to position your wholesalers as experts on topics important to you.

  • Hot-topic courses can be presented by your executives and wholesalers
  • Multi-discipline approvals for Insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC, CIMA, CPA, and MCLE
  • Turnkey course production and approval process
  • Excellent training support for your course instructors
  • Customized invitations available
  • Can be coordinated with our custom CE Cards and/or CE Vouchers for hard-to-find state-specific courses
  • Double, or even triple, the attendance at your wholesaler meetings
  • Your company will be unique and be remembered

Verify and Track Your Producers’ Completions of NAIC Product-Specific Training and Insurance CE with the Success Management System (SMS)

  1. Do you need to verify completion for product-specific training courses?
  2. Are you aware of the new tracking requirements for product specific training and NAIC Annuity Training, Long-Term Care, Ethics, Laws/Regulations and other CE now required by states and the NAIC?
  3. Have all of your producers completed their new state CE requirements for license renewal?

Solve These Problems with the Success Management System!

Whether you want to have your producers complete their product-specific training and NAIC CE courses with instructor-led (classroom) or online, Success CE has the solution.

Keep your producers promoting your products! We offer the Success Management System (SMS) to help you track your producers’ product training and CE progress to keep them in compliance. Available for both live (classroom) and online formats.

  •  Customized and Co-Branded website for your producers to complete their product-specific training.
  •  Customized and Co-Branded website for your producers to complete ALL of their CE requirements.
  •  Success Track – The online tracking software for product-specific training and state-specific CE.
  •  Success Live Track – The tracking software for Live CE (Instructor-Led Classroom) CE and product-specific training.
  •  All state-specific Annuity Certification, Ethics, Long-Term Care plus and other state CE requirements included in one low package price.
  • Real-time reporting to your systems if producer completions for both product-specific training and state CE requirements.
  • Client administration panel for report generation (7/24/365).

SMS Tracking Feature

  1. Alarm Technology
    Alert licensees when their CE requirements are coming up and help them stay in compliance.
  2. Knowledge Track
    Track all of your insurance agents and/or financial advisers’ completions with Life/Health plus Property/Casualty, CFP, and other licenses.
  3. Course Knowledge Track
    Track by separate course completions such as state-specific required CE for Annuity Training, LTC, and Ethics.
  4. Total Completion Track
    Track to ensure all reps have met their renewal requirements even with the new state and NAIC requirements.
  5. Branch/Territory Knowledge Track
    Track by geographical location