Question: After I complete my CE, how do I renew my license?
On our home page, we have a State Requirements option on the taskbar. When you select this option you can click on your state from the map. At the top of this page there is a License Status section where a link is provided to Renew Your License.

Question: How do I access my existing account with SuccessCE?
Answer: You log in with your email address, and the password that you created when you first registered with us. If for some reason you do not remember your password please call 949-706-9453 and a customer service rep will be happy to reset it for you.

Question: Can I receive CFP/PACE credit for my SuccessCE insurance courses?
Answer: Yes, we do offer credit for both CFP/PACE. Some of our courses have been approved by the CFP board; however the hours applied will be different.

Question: Is SuccessCE approved in my state?
Answer: SuccessCE has courses available in all states for insurance, CFP, and CLU/ChFC continuing education. Please note that some states require live (classroom) CE as a portion of the of the CE renewal requirement.

Question: How many credits are issued for each course taken?
Answer: The number of hours issued varies in all states. Click on your state to see the exact hours each course offers.

Question: Are courses allowed to be repeated?
Answer: Each state has a different rules regarding course repetition. Please check with your state DOI for the final answer.

Question: Can I order courses for another agent on my account?
Answer: Courses must be purchased under each individual agents account. If you wish to purchase a course for someone else please call 949-706-9453 and a customer service rep will help you.

Question: What are the methods of payments SuccessCE accepts?
Answer: We accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. As well as check, cashier’s check, and money order.

Question: What course delivery options are available?
Answer: In most states, SuccessCE courses are available both online & paper format. To place a text book order call 949-706-9453.

Question: What are state filing fees?
Answer: State Filing Fees (sometimes referred to as roster fees) are additional charges levied by some states to process continuing education credits. SuccessCE is required by these states to collect the filing fees from you and remit them to your state.

Question: What is a SuccessCE voucher?
Answer: Vouchers are typically given to an individual agent for attending a meeting/seminar. It’s a form of thank you, and it gives you, the attendee, one free online course of CE.

Question: How do I redeem a voucher?
Answer: Instructions on how to is printed on the back of your voucher. If you have trouble redeeming your voucher call 949-706-9453 and a customer service rep will walk you through the steps.

Question: How does my company order vouchers?
Answer: If you are interested in receiving more information about purchasing vouchers please call us at 949-706-9453 and ask to speak with a customer service rep dealing with Success. SuccessCE offers voucher services to hundreds of insurance carriers, distribution companies and associations. We can have a program established for your company in a matter of days.

Question: Do my courses expire?
Answer: You have up to one year of the date of purchase to complete your exam.

Question: What is a passing score?
Answer: All courses that are taken for Insurance CE credits must be completed and passed with at score of 70% or higher to receive credits.

Question: Are exams timed?
Answer: No, with the exception of Minnesota, you can start and stop the exam at any time.

Question: Do I have to complete the exam in one sitting, or can I leave the exam and come back later?
Answer: Open book exams can be paused at any time. Closed book or monitored exams can not be paused, but the system will remember the answers to the questions you have completed if you were to close the browser or lose Internet connection. If you close a monitored exam the system will ask your exam monitor to re-enter his/her password again before you can complete the remaining test questions. (Minnesota is excluded, the department of insurance requires you to complete the exam in one sitting. If the browser is closed or internet connection is lost during the exam process, you will be required to start again).

Question: How are online exams monitored?
Answer: When you open a monitored online exam for the first time, a box will appear on your screen and ask your exam monitor to enter his/her information required by your state. Once your monitor has successfully logged-in and identified herself/himself, you will then have access to the exam questions.

Question: Can I print my certificates of completion from the Internet?
Answer: Online certificates are available in most states, and can be printed immediately upon completion of the course, or anytime thereafter. If your state does not allow online certificates, SuccessCE will mail the certificates of completion to the permanent address on file.