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Q: How can I easily complete my CE course(s) after purchasing?

Step 1: Start by finding your course(s) on the My Courses page, located on the left taskbar.

Step 2: Click on Review Course Materials to access the course and begin the first chapter (For some states, including MN and classroom equivalent courses, the course material requires a minimum amount of time spent before moving onto the final exam).

  • At the end of each chapter there are up to ten chapter review questions.
    • Please note, you receive immediate feedback on your answers and may correct each answer if you initial answer was incorrect.
  • You must answer all chapter review questions correctly to progress to the next chapter.

Step 3: After completing the last chapter review questions with the correct answers, (for some states, the required time as well) click “SUBMIT” to confirm you completion of the course material.

Step 4: Click on Begin Online Exam to start your final examination for your CE credits.

  • Some state require a monitor to be present prior to starting the final exam.
  • Some states also may require a monitor affidavit which is downloadable prior to the first exam question.