(AKA 3 Emotional Questions)

All of us who hold Insurance, Securities, CPA, CLU/ChFC, and CPA licenses (the list goes on) need insurance continuing education to renew our licenses.

But how best to use Continuing Education to achieve more income, freedom, free time, and the benefits of same?
I believe I have new ideas for you!

Regarding More Income

Whatever course you take—either for your Securities, CPA, CLU/ChFC, CPA, or insurance continuing education—-whether textbook, online, cd-rom or even a live Continuing Education course, there is material in the insurance continuing education course that can be utilized to formulate three emotional questions to ask your prospects and clients.

As an example, an Estate Planning course should have the requisite information on sample calculations of Estate taxation. However, instead of an analytical advisory approach with your clients, how about developing three important emotional questions from the material to ask your prospects and clients.

Here is an example of questions from an Estate Planning Course:

  1. What kind of legacy do you want to leave your heirs, whether children or grandchildren?
  2. Are you aware of the methods to lower your estate taxation?
  3. How will your grandchildren and great grandchildren remember you?

Owing a nod to my friend, Bill Bachrach, you could also ask the question: What is important to you? (About bequeathing an Estate?)

The idea here is to prompt an emotional response and solve the problem analytically using the knowledge from the Continuing Education you have taken. For every insurance continuing education course you take, have a notepad available and formulate 3 emotional questions from the course material based on the analytical solution you will give to your clients.

Please remember: Except for engineers, 85% of all buying decisions are emotionally based and then analytically justified.

With three questions in mind, your clients will begin to think emotionally and purchase. Then, they will justify their purchase analytically.

Regarding the Increased Sales Utilizing Insurance Continuing Education Self-Study Courses:

By now, all of us realize the timesavings that self study Continuing Education can provide. Whether textbook, online, or cd-rom, producers can avoid traffic, gasoline costs, travel time and still complete their insurance continuing education requirements easily and efficiently. With some of this free time you have saved with a self-study course, focus in on a few pages of the self-study material. Then, formulate the 3 questions you would like to ask your clients.

Here is another example for Annuity Producers:

In California, all annuity producers are required to complete an Annuity Training course prior to discussing Annuities with their clients.

Sample emotional questions that could be formulated from this Continuing Education course are as follows:

  1. Are you aware that you are able to receive a lifetime income from an annuity?
  2. Will you have enough income for as long as your life span?
  3. Who would you like to be the beneficiary of an annuity you purchase?

I realize that this may seem sophomoric for seasoned producers, however, how many times do we forget to do the basics before “asking for the order”.

Again, the idea is to create emotional questions from insurance continuing education courses that will help you increase your sales, free time, and any other benefits resulting from increased income.

You solve the problem analytically, however, you must first obtain the clients buy-in and interest with emotional questions.

Regarding More Free Time For You:

What would you do with an extra working day of free time?

Would you be better able to serve your clients?

I realize that some producers still believe that Live Continuing Education is an acceptable way to earn Continuing Education credits. Some states even require a portion of your Continuing Education renewal requirements be earned in a classroom setting. And this includes your insurance continuing education as well.

As a producer myself who holds Securities and Insurance licenses, I will only attend live Continuing Education of compelling interest.

Here is the logic behind the statement.

  1. How much time do you waste in traffic driving to the class?
  2. What is your time worth during the production-hours you are driving to and sitting in a classroom?
  3. How many of the instructors are trying to recruit you to their production platform?
  4. What percentage of instructors actually have an excellent presentation with superior material content?
  5. Wouldn’t you rather complete your insurance continuing education in the comfort of your home or office?

For those of you that are exam-phobic, you probably are not aware of recent technological innovations with online courses and exams.

In non-monitored states, seek out a insurance continuing education company that allows you to search the text with an online search engine and learn while taking the exam. This will save you countless hours and allow you to learn more efficiently.

This feature will also allow you to formulate those three emotion based questions quickly and efficiently.
If by using online or textbook insurance continuing education, you realized you could increase your income, would you try it?


In our competitive world, every minute/hour/day counts.

If you save time and increase your sales with self-study insurance continuing education, is that better for you?
Make 2005 your best year ever. Create three questions and remember, “Ask your clients the 3 questions.”

Then, “Ask for the order”.