By J. William “Bill” Cooley

Have you noticed that other product distribution companies have more advisors in attendance during product presentations? Of course, one of your biggest challenges is drawing an enthusiastic audience for your product presentations. We believe there are several reasons why other companies have larger audiences and one is that their presentation is approved nationwide for the various licenses and designations. I am referring to insurance, CFP, CLU, ChFC, and CIMA continuing education credits.

If you were an advisor attending a product distribution company’s presentation would you prefer just sitting there and listening for an hour or more, or would you rather enjoy a live presentation where you earn CE credits? The answer is a no-brainer.

Just remember: whether or not you believe your topic is a timely or hot one, it would still draw larger crowds if the presentation was approved for nationwide CE credits.

Think about the following:

Here’s How To Do It — Offer advisors in the audience continuing education credits either through LIVE CE or CE Credit Card/CE Vouchers. It is possible you can double your attendance through LIVE CE presentations which can also be customized to your firm’s products. As a result, you are able to showcase your products and its benefits to the advisors and they, in turn, will learn the strategies to recommend the products to their clients. Another option is to choose a nationwide- approved CE company so you can build an audience as well as your sales. Be sure that their Live CE presentations are pre-approved in every state. Do the Math: If you tell you company’s story to twice as many advisors, and you keep the same closing ratio, will you double your sales? It’s not rocket science—the idea really works!

Value-Added Face Time for Your Wholesalers — Your goal is to have your target audience look forward to the wholesaler’s visit. If advisors know they will Insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC, and CIMA CE credits with each visit, they will.

More Credibility — Your wholesalers will also be recognized as experts in their field by giving LIVE CE classes on your firm’s products.

You’ve Heard it Before: Time is Money — “Lunch and Learn” session are great for LIVE CE presentations when time is critical to both your wholesaler and the advisor. Especially in these times of market volatility, advisors are spending most of their time calming clients and needing help with their time management. Your wholesaler can present a LIVE class which will give the advisors the CE credits they need, and at the same time, showcase your products. You probably agree this is effective time management!

Great Alternative — Some wholesalers may not have the presentation experience to teach LIVE CE classes. If so, why not have your wholesaler gives his or her standard presentation and then, as a value-add, at the end hand out a CE Voucher or Credit Card to each attendee, customized with your company logo and the wholesaler’s information. This gives the wholesaler to opportunity to re-visit or call the advisor and ask, “Have you used the Vouchers?” or “Have you completed your CE?” The wholesaler now has the opportunity to get more quality face time after their initial office visit.

Double Whammy — By handing out the CE Voucher and Credit Card, your wholesaler’s LIVE CE presentation just became that much more effective. He or she can remind advisors that they can earn up to 30 hours of online insurance continuing education, depending on their state, with the luxury of the CE Voucher and/or the CE Credit Card. There is easy portability, and no pre-notification requirements. Companies find that they are perfect for a large or small meetings. Note: Wholesalers, who present Live CE and present the vouchers and credit cards as an added “Thank You” will see an additional increase in their attendance.

Don’t be just a talking head: ADD VALUE. It’s easy to increase advisor attendance by using Success LIVE CE and custom-branded CE Credit Cards and Vouchers.

Both your wholesalers and your advisors will be happy and you will be satisfied with your sales results!