Traditionally, many advisors have focused not only their careers on the individual health care market, but also on their education by obtaining health insurance CE credits. As industry research has shown, health insurance increasingly has become one of the most important areas in which advisors can be of significant help to clients. Especially now, as the baby boomers are growing older and need information for themselves, and because they also need the information as they care for their aging parents.

Now is the time for advisors to seek health insurance continuing education … the market, in fact, is ‘BOOMING!’

There is much to learn about health care: Both the Individual & Federal Life and health insurance continuing education. For example, in the areas of Managed Care you will learn how managed care plans are marketed, what are your clients’ rights as a plan member, out of town care and much more. COBRA and HIPAA information (the federal law governing all group health insurance plans in terms of access and state regulations) in addition to other individual and federal health insurance programs should be part of an advisor’s health insurance continuing education.

Success CE offers life and health insurance continuing education courses that will satisfy your state’s continuing education requirement for license renewal. In fact, our latest individual and federal health insurance programs contain the complete menu of health insurance CE options available to baby boomers.

The obvious benefits attained from these health insurance continuing education courses are that the advisors will understand the various products in order to recommend the appropriate ones to their clients. If you have life and health insurance continuing education credits, you learn and gain knowledge will that make you a better advisor.