Many professionals in our Industry have forgotten the above important point!!

First, the bad news that makes us forget how great we are at helping people.

Then, the Good News: What you can do to enhance your own image and our industry’s image.

Let’s get started.

What do you think you can do under the current regulatory environment to avoid a problem for you and your business?

If you are struggling for an easy answer, then welcome to The New World!

Without belaboring the point, we all realize that the financial services world has changed.

All of us have a story about how the current regulatory environment has affected us personally or someone we know who has been touched by the new interpretations of rules the NASD, SEC, or even our own B/D Compliance Department.

Here are some helpful ideas to make sure you survive.

#1- Avoid issues that can cause confusion or misinterpretation (especially with clients)

If in doubt, do not do anything, until you have approval from your Branch Manager, OST, or Compliance Department.

As a Registered Principal myself, I am amazed that someone would market to their clients a non-approved product and put their license in jeopardy.

Offshore CD’s, telephone booths, and Private Placements are a focus of the pitfalls.

The rule is: “If you are unsure what to do, seek guidance before even thinking about it.”

I realize that there are only so many ways you can say “Don’t Steal”, however, if you think of the consequences to you and our Industry, you would have to be crazy to consider risking your career, license, and time you have spent building your business.

The Good News begins HERE with what you can do to help!

#2- Join an Organization in our Industry

Recently I attended a conference in Orlando, FL to increase my knowledge of our industry.

The Financial Services Institute (FSI) was holding a conference at the same hotel.

The mission of FSI is to promote the interests of the independent B/D and their representatives with regulatory issues and other issues that are important to you.

If you are one of the approximately 120,000 Independent reps in the U.S, you should the join the producer division of FSI.

Make your voice heard as membership is only $99.00 per year.

The most effective way to change the regulatory environment is to lobby in congress, making Senators and Representatives aware that the Financial Services Industry does a great job at helping Americans. is the location for more information.

NAIFA is another organization fighting for your interests. is able to tell you where to go for meetings, knowledge, and how you can help your practice.

Attend a LIMRA meeting. has a listing of meetings that will be of interest to you.

Also get involved with a local organization. Check the newspapers for local meetings. Meet new people, learn, and become involved.

You cannot obtain a better working environment for yourself by sitting behind your desk.

How many times have you gotten a great idea by talking with a colleague?

Get out there!!

#3- Attend a Conference or Meeting (at least once a quarter)

Attend a conference or meeting other than your B/D Conference.

Every time I attend a conference, I come away with great ideas to immediately help my business and solving problems.

You will gain new ideas and help your business! (If you attend)

There are many free or low cost conferences such as the following:

  1. Financial Advisor Symposium- FA-MAG.COM
  2. Senior Market- Advisor Conference-
  3. FPA Conferences
  5. (to discover meetings nationwide)

These are but a few of the great meetings you can attend. Go to a different geographical area and obtain a different perspective.

  1. Society of Financial Service Professionals (and their Conferences) is another group fighting to protect the interests of our world. is the place for more information.

My apologies to those groups that space did not permit my mentioning. There are many organizations that would welcome your enthusiasm, knowledge, credibility, and participation.

Ok, you get the point! Now do your part and join an organization, attend a new conference or new meeting, learn, implement, and succeed beyond your expectations.

If you do nothing, you do not have absolutely and positively any right to complain about the state of our industry.

If we as professionals point out to the world the great job we do and stand as a united front showing the world what a great industry we have, the world will realize the great jobs we do in helping people with their financial futures.

Now, it’s your decision. Get Out There, Learn, Succeed, and Really Make a Difference!!