Branch Meetings
You can approach the Branch Manager about a branch meeting where, at the end of your first meeting, you hand out the insurance continuing education self-study online vouchers, CD-ROMs or books. You should plan to return to the branch within six weeks to check on the insurance continuing education status and make your second presentation on your product. Since you have helped solve the insurance continuing education problem for the Branch Manager, your prestige within the branch should be enhanced.

OSJ Meetings
The same approach is successful with OSJ meetings as with Branch Meetings! You may be the only speaker they need since you offer the large insurance CE credits.

National Meetings
To help the B/D increase attendance, the B/D would love for you to provide a large number of insurance continuing education hours at their conferences. In addition to insurance continuing education our courses are also good for CFP, CPA, CLU/ChFC, and Enrolled Agent C/E Credits.

If you are speaking at the B/D Conference, a great way to insure large attendance is to offer the insurance continuing education hours as a “thank you” for producers attending your presentation.

Regional Meetings
Provide the insurance continuing education from your booth. Also, the above ideas are successful at the B/D’s Regional meetings.

Individual Meetings
For the broker who has done business with you, or for the broker who you want to impress, giving him/her a large number of insurance CE hours puts you in a position of strength!

P.S. C/E is a tool that will give you access to the top producers with each firm. By giving the brokers a large number of CFP and Insurance C/E hours, you will gain added prestige for you and your firm.